Blink, and you will miss it, but at one point in the video, the boys give an important send-off to former touring partner and musical mentor One Direction. The lads from 1D became best friends with the Aussies when Louis Tomlinson found their videos on YouTube, and the two went on to have a lasting bromance. At one point, the boys were joined on a train by five boys, who fans noticed were wearing similar clothes to what Louis, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and even Zayn Mailk were wearing in their music video for What Makes You Beautiful from the same era. The songs on 5 Seconds Of Summer hinted at the punk-rock grunginess that could show up on upcoming albums, but the album also boasted an array of precision songwriting by the super-star boys group One Direction, which is where all they are. 

The 5 Seconds Of Summer 4
The 5 Seconds Of Summer

One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer are from separate backgrounds–the British-born X Factor-bred pop outfits as opposed to 5 Seconds of Summer–but musically, the pairs collection of heartthrobs has arrived at a similar place. Identifying as a R&B band, All-4-One was one of the first black male groups to emerge in the 90s (Jodeci, New Edition, and Boyz II Men formed in the late 80s). One of the best boy bands of all time, we first heard the Jonas Brothers name in 2006, when they released their first studio album, It is About Time. Their world tour in 2013 landed 5 Seconds Of Summer on pops musical map around the globe, and at the end of 2013, 5 Seconds Of Summer had signed with Capitol Records, clearing the way for their debut album to drop in July 2014.

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In mid-July, 5 Seconds of Summer began a three-month U.S. tour, which would bring the group to major outdoor amphitheatres and arenas–the kinds of venues that the Australian band played when they opened for One Direction in 2013. 5 Seconds of Summer arrived with their songs well-crafted and their rock credentials intact, just as the world was ready for the guitar-wielding group to seize control. After one of The Jackson 5, who died prematurely, boyband Boyzone is currently out of music, but is said to be coming back together in 2024 for the groups 30th anniversary. Menudo is one of the most beloved Latin boy bands in music history, and was a launching point for the career of Ricky Martin. 

Welcome To The 5Sos Family!

BMG is very proud to welcome Ben Evans, James Sully, and all of the 5-SOs crew and family back at BMG. Australian superstars 5 Seconds Of Summer (5SOS) has signed a new worldwide record contract with BMG. Following the release of the groups third album, Youngblood, 5SOS became the first British-signed artist since The Beatles to achieve the top spot in the United States on Capitol Records for the first time on their first three albums.

The 5 Seconds Of Summer
The 5 Seconds Of Summer

5SOSs drummer Ashton Irwin and bassist Calum Hood–they found their way to Gwangjang market. Ashton Irwin (vocals/drums), Michael Clifford (vocals/guitar), Luke Hemmings (vocals/guitar) and Calum Hood (vocals/bass) are in the drivers seat right now, both as entrepreneurs and as creators.

Then, there is the 20-minute video of Luke and Calum playing a video game. The hosts of the show mentioned to each other that bassist Calum Hood is chubbier now than when the 5Sos started. 

You smiled and stood, turning around to wave at your friends Michael, Calum, Luke, and Ashton Ashton, while Michaels friends stood by your side. When you returned to your seats, the boys from the 5SOs looked sad, they were all staring down their feet, none of them said anything. Ashton, the nice one with curly hair, ended up sitting next to you, being the more vocal of your friends, Michael, Ashton decided to strike up a friendly conversation with you. 

You felt her lips on top of yours slightly, just a few seconds, then she broke off. Ashton grinned again, grabbing your arm for the second time that night, but this time, rather than taking you up onstage, he led you back down the hall toward the exit. 

You could hear 5sos Fam crying tears of boredom while waiting for the reveal. The trouble was, none of the 5SOS were fluent in Korean, nor did they have translators on hand. Fortunately, they met Michael – a Korean-American student visiting from Houston – who got the hang of things and put them on the right path. 

For dessert, 5Sos treated themselves to a Korean favorite, Patbingsu. Instead of having internationals traveling to Korea, guests were internationals who were already living in the country, showing aspects of their everyday lives and experiences in Korea. The trips usually follow a format where three friends travel independently the first couple days, followed by a special 2-day trip organized by the host foreigner. 

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