Andre 3000 is selling a new shirt series in support of Movement for Black Lives, a group dedicated to fighting racial injustice. Andre 3000 has shared the new line of shirts. Andre 3000 sports a few different, understated looks on his spread for the magazine, including a suede double-breasted trench from Michael Kors, a cashmere sweater from Ralph Laurens Purple Label, and corduroy pants from AndreBenjamin, the rappers clothing line. As the face of Swedish sneaker brand Tretorns fall 2017 campaign, Andre 3000 is also designing a capsule collection with Jeff Staple, the founder of the Staple Pigeon fashion label.

Andre 3000 2
Andre 3000

Andre 3000, real name Andre Benjamin, alongside actors Adrien Brody and Gael Garcia Bernal, is featured in a “Masters of Style” campaign created by Gillette to promote their newly introduced Fusion ProGlide Styler, a tool that blends functions of shaver, trimmer, and trimmer. Rapper and fashion designer Andre 3000, and actors Adrien Brody and Gael Garcia Bernal, were signed on as the Masters of Style to promote Gillettes new face hair styling tool. During a panel at ComplexCon this year, Andre 3000 talked about the failed Fashion Line, and also about how Andre 3000 ended up in the movie Kanye Wests Pablo. Devoted OutKast fans will recall that way back in the late aughts, Andre 3000 turned his love for fashion into a brief, merchandising career, launching a preppy, preppy line called Benjamin Bixby.

Andre 3000 has also earned plaudits as a menswear designer after starting his own label, Benjamin Bixby, back in 2008. As half of Atlanta-based duo Outkast, Andre 3000 has emerged as one of the most recognized musicians in hip-hop. While, in Turn, Andre 3000 opened the door for his peers to start their own apparel brands–like Kanye Wests DONDA, and, later, the Yeezy line–Andre 3000 was unable to maintain that success for very long.

Andre Benjamins will be wearing tretorns that are ill-matched (one is black) alongside his new signature tretorn line (and the newest gold teeth set that he made at a recent Atlanta flea market). Then, after the shoot, Andre Benjamins would really take the line of shirts to Anita Bakers Anita Baker and see if she would allow his designs to be an official product for her. I thought Andre Benjamins was going to get hurt in the knees, but it turned out that he was moving with caution, as he was experiencing extreme nausea.

The one guy that was clocked on to our beat had his girlfriend up there, apparently wanting to marry to Andres great verse to The International Players Anthem, so he went up and grabbed her, then came down and took the picture with 3000.

Andre 3000 Was The Best Guest On Snl

In the episode, Pharrell, Just Blaze, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, Big Boi, and Chuck D weigh in on the influence of Phife Dawg in their lives and careers. Andre 3000 even addressed his own lack of presence onstage, and his answers said quite a bit. The song also features a verse by Andre 3000, who has now released a statement about the song, saying he is disappointed the song was released as part of the feud between the two artists that he [he] loves[s] and that he would like to also appear on Drakes album, and hopes to appear on the next Kendrick Lamar album, as well. Andre 3000, who has now released a statement about the song, saying he is disappointed the song was released as part of the feud between the two artists that he [he] loves[s] and that he would like to appear on the next Kendrick Lamar album, saying that he is disappointed. The track was released as part of the feud between the two artists that he would like to appear on the next Kendrick Lamars upcoming album, as well.

Andre 3000
Andre 3000

He is disappointed he is going to be on a Kendrick Lamar album. When it comes right down to it, there is no one of those rappers who delivers guest verses that are as influential as Andre 3000. At various shows, observers noted how Andre 3000, the more elusive half of the duo, did not seem to carry Andre 3000s heart during his performances.

Three Stoops holds his own, but giving Andre more than four minutes to shine and show off his all-around musical talents makes for arguably one of his best guest performances. In one of his darker guest verses, Andre raps about growing up in Atlanta, interspersed with talk about a serial killer named Wayne Williams, who entices his victims by claiming he works in the music industry. His new SNL sketch is as much music video as it is rap, as it is Pete Davidson channeling his inner musician as it is taking on Drake and Andre 3000.

One of Three Stoops superheros earliest guest appearances was when he joined Kanye West, Drake, and others for Kris Browns hugely popular radio hit, Deuces, back in 2010. Tonight, he appears in a remix for Divine Councils remix of Decemba (credited to Andre Benjamin).

Outkast went over to Andre 3000s place of work, and we went to his car…he actually pulled out the cassette of the Tribe Called Quest…and it was the one that we were using for our rhymes. Andre 3000 remembered that I was there with Big Boi trying to make the deal to be Outkast. From Andre 3000s scene-stealing performance on UgKs International Players Anthem to his recent verse on Kanyes Life Of The Party, here are 18 of the greatest Andre 3000 guest spots of all time.

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