CHARLI XCX is that strange kid from the sidelines that made pop 2 happen, people loved me because of it, I am forever grateful for that support. In honor of her ambitious third studio album, Charli, here are 5 reasons Charli XCX is an amazing role model for LGBTQ allies everywhere.

Since her debut, Charli XCX has been a dynamic performer within the pop industry, her sounds shifting around with her passion and self-reflection. From the wild set pieces of Charli XCXs concerts, to the avant-garde set pieces of her music videos, she has proven over that her flair for vintage styling is quite simply unmatched.

Charli Xcx 2
Charli Xcx

Her acclaimed Pop 2 mixtape was partially prefigured by her wildly inclusive collaborative work, and her latest Charli record features even more queer artists than the ones who came before, with Troye Sivan, Kristin & The Queens, Kim Petras, Big Freedia, Pabllo Vittar, Brooke Candy, and Clairo making appearances. Charli has not always had this festival-girl vibe, or this feel of dance-pop, but that is what has brought her to the forefront of the experimental pop scene. Yes, there are shades of Charli XCX contemporaries — including her sisters on dark-pop Divinity, Grimes, and Sky Ferreira — but Charli XCX songs just sound like Charli XCX songs. You can be cynical about why she is suddenly rounded the edges, and you can assume Crash is a satirical effort by Charli XCX to be cute, or to use convenient hits as an artistic project of its own.

English singer-songwriter Charli XCX believes Elevated Sex really does tie in with David Cronenbergs crash, as her third studio album and music video are all about those guys that want and feed on the things they love, and they will do anything to experience that sexuality and bond.

There is plenty of semi-rapping going on here (and throughout the album), but unlike, say, Ke$ which has an annoying flow, Charli XCX manages to keep it chilled.

It is been heavily hinted her third studio album will drop March 18, as English singer-songwriter Charli XCX has said since releasing Good Ones that an album could drop on or about this date. Work on her third studio album began at Charlis house on April 3, and continued through to the albums May 15 release date. The albums liner notes dedicated her third studio album to Sophie, Charlis friend and collaborator, who died early in 2021. Elsewhere, Charli XCX leads her female-fronted all-female backing trio (called the Charlis Angels, they wore angel wings to match their silver glitter) through a tutorial on the years soundtracking the teenage angst.

Charli Xcx Provides Life Advice To Her 15-Year-Old Self

Charli XCX thought When Camila Cabello did Same Old Love [in 2015], I liked the song so much, but I just knew that coming from her was going to be a much stronger force than coming from me. How I Feel Now was written so specific to the Charli XCX relationships at the time, but she has this writing style where, when you hear it, it feels like it is about your love life. Later in her latest single, Charli XCXs talk of wanting to be good enough for her partner, explaining, One day, I am going to get over this, I am going to be good enough. Her latest single, “Good Ones,” is something of a deviation from her hyperpop sound, swerving into more mainstream pop elements, but her latest single is as catchy as any track on her discography.

Charli Xcx
Charli Xcx

Charli XCXs music also features lyrics that frequently offer advice about life, and this is certainly the case with Good Ones. Charli XCXs prolific output–five albums, four mixtapes, three EPs, and countless more hits for other artists–pushes the boundaries of what commercial music can sound like, balances her undeniable pop instincts with a wayward, foreign production. That versatility has allowed Charli XCX to cross over two worlds, touring stadiums with Taylor Swift, while building a following among pop cognoscenti over cutting-edge tracks such as Vroom Vroom and the appropriately-titled Next Level Charli. Charli XCX has scored major hits both as a solo star (Boom Clap, Boys) and a collaborator (Fancy, I Love It), but she is also been making experimental, radio-agnostic fare that is largely influenced by the online electronic-music underground.

Explaining what pop polymath Charli XCX means and plans for this specific era, Charli says, I think I always liked the dichotomy of my experiences within the music industry. The lyrics to anthem were actually the only ones that Charli XCX wrote with her audience; fan-submitted beats and remixes did not make the albums final cut. The word angel is associated with Charli XCX just like the XCX that rounds out her name, and Beg For You is one of the songs here ranked, showing a more vulnerable side of an artist who often proclaims herself to be the biggest pop star on the planet. Charli XCXs singalong, Like A White Mercedes, Always Running Too Fast/ When Your Heart is Broken, You Keep on Taking Me Back, is a poignant reminder that nobody exists in a vacuum, instead, that our actions will always have consequences.

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