David Bowie, originally named David Robert Jones, (born 8 January 1947, London, England–died 10 January 2016, New York City, New York, United States), British singer, songwriter, and actor, best known in the 1970s for his changing identities and his jump through music genres. London, England, 1970s David Bowie. David Bowie is an English singer, and an English rock star, known for dramatic musical transitions, including that of his Ziggy Stardust persona. David Bowie – English singer Innovative songs and stagecraft combined with his larger-than-life stage persona made him one of the most popular music stars of the 1970s.

David Bowie 2
David Bowie

During the life of David Bowie – English singer, his record sales, estimated at 140 million albums worldwide, made him one of the best-selling music artists in the world. Bowie also left behind an impressive music legacy, comprising 26 albums. After legendary musician David Bowies debut album, David Bowie, failed to impact the music scene in 1967, he did not release another one until two years later.

David Bowie would also go into soul music, a lot, during that tour, and would go on to make a live double album, entitled David Live, which was released later in 1974. David Bowies love of soul music would also appear in his next studio album, 1975s Young Americans, and finally, he had his first US Number One single with Fame, a song that he wrote with John Lennon, who would also be singing backing vocals on his upcoming studio album. He especially sought to emulate British musical theatre singer-songwriter and actor Anthony Newley, whose vocal style he often adopted, and made considerable use of, on his 1967 debut, David Bowie (to the displeasure of Newley himself, who destroyed copies of it that Bowies publishers had received). Legendary musician David Bowie, the Hero, has died peacefully surrounded by family, said representative Steve Martin.

The world was shocked to learn Monday morning that legendary musician David Bowie, who broke boundaries in both pop and rock through his imaginative music, unconventionality, striking visuals, and his gender-bending persona, Ziggy Stardust, had died from cancer at age 69. In February 2017, David Bowie was recognized for his hit album Pop Star, being named a Best Alternative Rock Album, Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical), Best Recording Package, Best Rock Performance, and Best Rock Song categories at the Grammys. Bowie left a legacy both inclusive and Bowies of some of the greatest music in the past half-century — both his own music and that of those inspired by him.

The Character Of David Bowie: A Man, An Artist, A Stranger

His best-loved character is the alien sent to Earth, and David Bowies conveys his otherworldliness by making him visually odd, dressing him up in colorful one-pieces and wearing bright, shiny make-up over a white-painted, raw-skinned body. After a early music-video career that featured pleasingly cheap synchronisations of character acting like Ziggy Stardust, Bowie made a major artistic shift here, on one of his first narrative videos. David Bowies problematic relationship with his beautiful self, taking on a life of its own, seems quite prescient when seen in light of Bowies subsequent career episodes — his sudden murder-slash-killing of Ziggy Stardust in the height of that characters popularity, for instance, or his drug-fueled phase with The Thin White Duke, which spiraled into delirious ramblings and eventual collapse; Bowie would later attribute his behaviour and mental instability during this period to both his cocaine dependency and the vile incoherence and ultimate collapse; the bleakness.

David Bowie
David Bowie

That David Bowie now seems to be perceived as a kind of astral traveler–a Starman who casually descends into our dimension to broadcast some nebulous cosmic jive before blipping out again–credits the enduring quality of one of his most famous characters, even as it does a grave injustice to his overlooked talent for turning introspection into art. It was the syncretism of David Bowies artful imagery with his otherworldly lyrics and musical output that produced a cultural era of what was David Bowie, one that managed to tread that fine line between persona and character, between art and being, authenticity and being, authenticity and being popular. Bowies striking androgyny was ideal for his breakthrough as extraterrestrial rock messiah Ziggy Stardust, but the fact that he seemed to have lopsided irises — one blue, one brown — also helped to lend an otherworldly quality. David Bowie saw Ziggy Stardust as being quite straightforward…rather like the Newton persona that I would done later on with [The Man Who Fell To Earth].

Bowie so thoroughly inhabited the role, that it is difficult to imagine him playing the very calculated part all along. Like Bowie, another pop singer is what I would call a character singer: Someone who sings the imaginary voice of the character of a song. For what is a person like David Bowie profitable, if they are allowed (…)10 Alan Yentobs documentary entitled Cracked Actor, made for BBCs arts program Omnibus and aired in January 1975, shows Bowie cutting out sentences that Bowie had written down, and moving a sheet of paper around a table to get two first verses to a song, which is called Moonage Daydream (Figure 1).

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