Entertainment Elton John is coming to Gillette Stadium for his 2022 farewell show The Yellow Brick Road tour will mark the last U.S. date of Sir Eltons career, according to the singer. Elton Johns Yellow Brick Road Tour farewell poster Elton Johns promotional poster for the tour. Tour dates start 8 September 2018 and ends 8 July 2023. The nine-leg No. At Citizens Bank Park Friday, Elton John and his legendary band emerged just before sunset, more than two hours and 23 songs into the first date of the last US leg of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. His Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour is an footnote in the story.

Elton John Farewell Tour 2
Elton John Farewell Tour

Elton Johns last show in North America — returning to the site of perhaps his most iconic show, LA Dodger Stadium — will on Nov. 20 mark the 2000th U.S. gig for Elton John, capping a touring schedule that has seen him play all 50 states, along with 108 shows alone in major markets such as New York. Elton John will then embark on his last North American tour taking a stadium-based tour starting July 15, 2022, in Philadelphia, and culminating in two consecutive performances at Los Angeles Dodger Stadium on November 19 & 20, 2022 – commemorating his signature October 1975 performance at the historic venue. Elton John is scheduled to perform more than 40 arena dates across North America through April 2022, at which point Elton John will head off to Europe to finish up his remaining arena dates.

In June, he added an additional 31 arena dates throughout the U.S., U.K., and Europe for 2022, with the concerts postponed bringing his final worldwide tour to May 2023. The Farewell Tour was scheduled to finally restart on 28 September in Copenhagen, but Elton John cancelled all his dates for 2021 just two weeks before, when he announced that he needed hip surgery following a bad fall. A March 27, 2022, show was scheduled to take place in Lincoln, Neb. The date was set for March 27, as well as Elton Johns Oscars Charity Benefit, a show that he had not missed in his 30-year hosting career, but chose to play Lincoln that day because of the postponement.

John had most recently contracted a rare, fatal bacteria infection during his tour in South America in 2017. After wrapping things up in North America in November, Elton Johns next stops are New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, with the longest-running Elton John tribute tour concluding July 8, 2023, in Stockholm. Commenting on the upcoming tour legs, the legendary Elton John said (via Rolling Stone): “It is hard to believe that after tomorrows show in St. Louis, I will only have a few shows left before wrapping up my last arena appearances in the U.S.

Elton John Farewell Tour: New York City, Madison Square Garden Review

Last night (10/18), Elton John brought his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour to New York Citys Madison Square Garden (which he has called his favourite concert venue of all time). Two years and a pandemic later than expected, Elton Johns Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour recommenced a sold-out Madison Square Garden — its second consecutive night of sold-out attendance — with a sold-out, energetic, vaccine-advised, and largely maskless concertgoer crowd. Elton John is photographed performing at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022, in New York, on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour.

Elton John Farewell Tour
Elton John Farewell Tour

When Elton John does, he speaks passionately of his love of New York, the borough where he has performed 150 shows, and of Madison Square Garden, the venue where he is currently sold out 72 times. For an artist such as Elton John, his last goodbye tour began last year and is going on into this year, which is not surprising given the 50 years worth of worshipful fans he is made along the way. In January, five blocks from Madison Square Garden in Gotham Hall, NYC, Elton John appeared wearing a characteristically garish suit before a roomful of media to announce he was quitting touring.

Either way, last night felt like an farewell to his adopted home. He is performed at Madison Square Garden 70 times, the most by his (former) piano-playing pal Billy Joel. For his encore, John returned to the Madison Square Garden stage and treated his loyal fans and listeners to Your Song and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, the title song from this last tour. After The Bitch is Back and I am Still Standing, John closed out with Crocodile Rock, which is saucy,, and Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting, which is the breakout hit off of his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album.

The first song after the encore was Johns hit single from the previous year, Cold Heart, a combination of Elton singing over backing tape harmonies and the drum machine, capped by Your Song ( From My Last Hit To My First), a cover of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. The first song after the encore was Cold Heart ELton John hit single from last year that added up to a remix of Rocket Man with Elton singing to backing tapes harmonies and a drum machine, and he capped it off with Your Song ( from my last hit to my first ) and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road . John took the time to thank The New York Post for its favorable review of his concert the previous evening at MetLife Stadium, but he also shared his disbelief that the farewell tour was still going, as well as sharing his disbelief at how many comments below the article, which expressed his incredulity that the farewell tour was actually going to be his final journey. Perhaps Sir Elton Johns most moving demonstration of appreciation to his Tri-State fanbase came during his performances of Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters, his Honky Chateau highlights inspired by the city of New York.

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