With rock band Greta Van Fleet rising in popularity, Greta Van Fleet has not been able to avoid the comparisons with acclaimed classic rock band Led Zeppelin. Many, including legendary Robert Plant himself, have drawn the comparison between Greta Van Fleet and the band that changed the rock scene forever, Led Zeppelin. From the moment Greta Van Fleet exploded onto the scene, the Michigan-based rockers drew strong comparisons with hard rocks most iconic and influential bands. Classic rock comparisons are fair game, and it is difficult to take someone seriously who does not at the very least consider Greta Van Fleet reminiscent of rock giants Led Zeppelin, The Who, AC/DC, and the like. The problem comes, though, in just how much reminiscent they seem to rock giants Zeppelin.

Greta Van Fleet 4
Greta Van Fleet

The admission only fuels the flames of derision on the internet by fans and critics who have dismissed Greta Van Fleet as Led Zeppelin imitators, with Pitchfork witheringly dismissing them as a band that does not even realise that they are more an algorithmic fever dream rather than a real rock band. Their second album finds Greta Van Fleet shaping their sound and trying to capture the majesty of rock and roll. The music contained on the bands highly anticipated sophomore record takes the bands dedication to 1970s bombast to new, bracing heights, and its lyrics explore themes that made albums such as Yeahs Tales From the Topographic Ocean a critical whipping boy.

Rock group Greta Van Fleet takes a fresh approach to classic rock, including celestial synth solos, fluid orchestral backing, and fuzzed-out pianos along with a traditional four-piece. The bands songs, such as Heat Above and Safari Song, let frontman Josh Kiszkas craft an eccentric blend of floating tenor melodies and classic rocknroll growls, rivaling that of Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. When it comes to rock and roll, frontman Josh Kiszkas takes a refreshing look at the classic rock of my parents generation. That is, lead singer Josh Kiszka does not necessarily set out to sound like Jimmy Pages.

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Frontman Josh Kiszka sounds uncannily like Zeppelins frontman, the much-celebrated, much-revered Robert Plant. With a mellow, 70s-rock sound, they channel Led Zeppelins ambience and classic blues hits. All of those musicians came together to create one of the most talented and iconic bands ever. The quartet – also featuring twin Kiszka brothers Jake on guitar, younger brother Sam on bass/keyboards, and Danny Wagner on drums – is one of the few rock bands that has broken through in any significant way over the past several years.

How Greta Van Fleet Became The Band Of 2018.

I am talking about Greta Van Fleet, the up-and-coming, Frankenmuth, Mich.-based rock outfit who released their full-length debut, Anthem Of The Peaceful Army, last Friday via Republic. The tiny city of Frankenmuth is also home to rising rock group Greta Van Fleet, which, since the October 2018 release of their debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, has earned four Grammy nominations. Last October, when Greta Van Fleet released its debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, the Michigan-based rock group instantly became the most polarizing new act of 2018. Their full-length debut studio album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, was released on October 19, 2018, and it debuted at number one on Billboards rock album chart within the first week after the albums release.

Greta Van Fleet
Greta Van Fleet

Anthem of the Peaceful Army, the groups 2018 debut album, cemented Greta Van Fleets position as the most commercially successful American rock band in the Greta Van Fleet Generation, a position which they cemented with The Battle At Garden Gate, their sophomore effort from 2021. With Greta Van Fleets second Rock Band album, Greta Van Fleet was able to broaden their sound, although still heavily influenced by a number of prominent classic rock bands, such as those mentioned above. By 2017, Greta Van Fleet had secured a recording contract, with drummer Danny Wagner having long replaced his drummer buddy Kyle Hauck, and a couple of heavy-hitting songs–Highway Tune and/Safari Song–making them one of rock musics biggest up-and-comers.

Like so many rock bands in the past, Greta Van Fleet started out as just a garage band, consisting of three bored brothers — lead singer Josh Kiszka, lead guitarist Jake Kiszka, and bassist Sam Kiszka — and their pal, drummer Danny Wagner. Raised rock & roll in Michigans city of Frankenmuth — a tiny city known as “Little Bavaria” and known primarily for the Bronners Christmas Wonderland, a year-round Christmas haven — Greta Van Fleets frontman, Josh Kiszkas, formed the band in 2012 alongside drummer Kyle Hauck, who was traded in for Daniel Wagner in 2013. The Real-Life Greta Van Fleet, an 80-year-old community member from Frankenmuth, has even attended one of the bands shows at a local venue called Fisher Hall.

Sitting next to a Gretna Van Fleet birthday cake and wearing a GVF T-shirt, Van Fleet was a star at the event, greeting other residents, signing the bands memorabilia, and looking overwhelmed by the attention for a moment. Ms. Gretna Van Fleet, 88, surely did not intend to be a part of rock and rolls annals, but her name is now indisputably linked with the band that tours the world, posts record sales numbers, and has earned four Grammy nominations. It was at the top of the rock charts when it was released in October, reaching No.

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