Christian Bale, of course, is probably best known for playing Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman, in Christopher Nolans The Dark Knight Trilogy. Even if Christian Bale does not return as the character, fans are hoping that a reunion of Bale and Christopher Nolan will eventually happen on a future project. Christian Bale has since stated he will return to the role if he is ever asked by director Christopher Nolan, but do not expect it any time soon. Christian Bale played Batman in Christopher Nolans The Dark Knight Trilogy, and he will forever cherish that he got to fulfill a childhood dream of playing the famed role.

Christian Bale 2
Christian Bale

During an interview with GQ, Christian Bale discussed his time in the franchise, saying he loved playing the character, but felt like he could never get out of his movies. Christian Bale dove deep into Ken Miles, just like he has done all along as an actor, finding physicality, voice, even laughter. Christian Bales is generous with his scenes, cultivating a kind of rapport both Bruce and, alternately, Batman could have with all Bales supporting characters, understanding that they could, in fact, be very different in some cases.

In fact, when we talked, Christian Bale kept getting distracted by what these people were doing, by various characters that he gave names to, locals that visited that location that he watched as an old friend, people who did not know who Christian Bale was, and who did not really care whether they did. Few film stars match Bale in terms of “go big or go home” lunacy, but what sets him apart from other actors who have made a living going off the charts–say, Nicolas Cage–is that he is equally successful at humble, understated roles. Before American Psycho came out in 2000, Bale was merely an English rising star in a sea of others, primarily recognized for his child-star turns in Empire of the Sun and the cult musical Newsies; since that films Sundance premiere, which was met with predictably, but really, really creepy controversy, Bale was being heralded as a potentially great actor (Roger Ebert called his performance heroic. Before 2000s American Psycho, Bale was just one English up-and-comer among many, mostly recognized for child-star turns in Empire of the Sun and the cult musical Newsies ; after the film premiered at Sundance to predictable yet genuinely unsettling controversy, Bale was being acclaimed as a potentially great actor (in his review, Roger Ebert called his performance heroic ). Zach Baron mentioned during his GQ interview that The Wolf of Wall Street cast Leonardo DiCaprio was cast in front of Christian Bale, the only reason that Bale got the role was because of him passing on the role.

Every actor that has made the cut for the role of Batman has managed to bring with him an excellent pedigree of performances. A number of actors have played Batman/Bruce Wayne over the years, be they Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, or most recently, actor Robert Pattinson, to wear the cowl.

Christian Bale’S Acting Career Is Preposterous

Christian Bale has revealed that he knows little about cinema, but does not think that being obsessed with craft is necessary for being a good actor. When asked how and why he got involved in acting, other than a love for cinema, the Oscar-winning actor begrudgingly admits one of the reasons was to provide for his family. Christian Bales run as Bruce Wayne/Batman made him a sought-after actor, and he would go on to work with a number of top-tier directors such as David O. Russell, James Mangold, Scott Cooper, and Ridley Scott.

Christian Bale
Christian Bale

In fact, Bales was worried that he would be stuck playing Bruce Wayne for the rest of his career. If Bales ended up playing Bruce Wayne for the rest of his career, he would have lost the feeling of freedom that he wanted to inhabit with every one of his performances. When an interviewer pointed out to Bale that Out Of The Furnace marked the second time that Bale had played a poor impoverished American man who is simply trying to make do with his tiny piece of space in the world, following his role in The Fighter.

In fact, when we were talking, Christian Bale kept getting distracted by the things these people were doing, by various characters that had been given names, by locals that visited that location that he watched as an old friend, people who did not know who Christian Bale was, or cared to know that they did. Christian Bale has also taken preparation for every role seriously, outside of physical appearance, meeting real-life people who he frequently plays, knowing his characters inside-out, even avoiding other actors who would break character, like he was said to have been done to Chris Rock, making him laugh as they were shooting in Amsterdam. In an interview with GQ, Christian Bale said that although many actors go into acting because they are obsessed with movies and shooting people, this history does not apply to him.

Promoting Out Of The Furnace, Bale spoke to New York Magazine about Bales acting career, entering yet another phase in his almost 30-year-long career. In 2005, Bale played the superhero Batman in Batman Begins, and reprised the role in sequels The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012), earning praise for his performances in the trilogy, which is among the most profitable movie franchises. Bale added that he is a little illiterate when it comes to movies (he has never seen The Sound of Music) and chooses not to be a dress-up player during downtime.

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