Jennifer Aniston is an accomplished entertainment professional who is enjoying a career renaissance that I will describe as something like the renaissance, but Morning Show star Jennifer Aniston has a few insider tips for us about staying sharp and in shape while working her tail off. Jennifer Aniston has recently become the face of collagen brand Vital Proteins, and has a second season debuting September on her Apple TV+ series The Morning Show, but she is still taking some time from every hectic day to catch a sunset, she told PEOPLE in this weeks issue. When it comes down to it, Jennifer Aniston says after the Morning Show is produced, however it ends, she wants to pursue more comedy, a less serious role.

Jennifer Aniston 2
Jennifer Aniston

Here, Jennifer Aniston walks SELF through all she does before she goes to sleep – including mistakes she is made over the course of her 20s, her very private meditation practices, and a word she wishes the entertainment industry had on the subject of her exhausting hours. When asked how Jennifer Aniston describes her life now, Aniston mentions her job and her friends, and her beloved dogs: the Schnauzer-mix Clyde, pit-bull-mix Sophie, and newly adopted Great Pyrenees-mix Lord Chesterfield. The 53-year-old actress urges women to do what makes them feel best about their hair.

It is strange how suddenly that is being conveyed in such a way as, Jennifer Aniston looks incredible for her age. It is all really disruptive for someone like Jennifer Aniston, who believes in, you know, being good to your brother or sister, or doing unto others.

There are times when I just have to step away from news – and getting on social media. It is just too toxic. Jennifer Aniston does these Sunday Salons, where I have various people coming and talking, like Jessica Yellin about politics; Jay Shetty is one of these guys, talking about Earth; and David Sinclair on science and living that vibrant life and growing older. The guffaw-fest started when Aniston appeared remotely with Reese Witherspoon on a British TV show, and got to talk about how filming scenes at the wee hours of the morning was.

Jennifer Aniston Looks As Charming As Ever In One Of Her First Interviews After End Of Eng

Jennifer Aniston, just like every other Hollywood star, has undergone some facelifts and cosmetic treatments. We should not take these treatments entirely to blame for Aniston having an incredible, youthful look. If you asked Jennifer Aniston, women like Brigitte Bardot, Elle Macpherson, and Valerie Bertinelli from One Day At A Time are more deserving of being crowned Hair Icons, but I am still firm on my position regarding the Aniston Iconography. Yet, at 52, Aniston still has the youthful-looking face of a woman in her late-20s.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

It seems pretty obvious Aniston has had some sort of surgical procedure that has reduced her jawline. Joining fellow game-changer Reese Witherspoon on the forthcoming TV series, Aniston is clearly not going to let this lie.

Some viewers took to Twitter in quick succession to bash Aniston over how she responded to this guys comments. Others, though, came to Anistons defense, and said that Janas was in the wrong. The look Aniston gave him might have stopped a clock – it also stopped social media, as people argued about whether this man was in the wrong, or Aniston was overreacting.

The cringe-fest started when Aniston appeared remotely with Reese Witherspoon on a British TV show, and got to chat about how filming scenes in the wee hours of the morning was a pain. Moments after she allowed reporter Leslie Bennetts into her home for what was supposed to be Jennifer Anistons first interview since she publicly separated from her husband, Brad Pitt, the actor broke down crying. Aniston recalls the time when she met with Jolie, telling Jolie that Pete was excited about working with her, and that she wanted them to have fun.

Aniston did not know that Brad Pitt, her husband, had conceptualized the project, as well as made money off of it. In 2005, Aniston sat down with Vanity Fair to candidly discuss his divorce and its impact on her.

By November, Jennifer Aniston was back on set, producing season two of “Zooming,” which she was also the hands-on producer on; five months later, she was surrounded by her “Friends” castmates (and real-life friends) for a reunion that affected her more deeply than she expected. Jennifer Aniston has spent more time here over the last couple years than in any other place since her breakout role as Rachel Green in NBCs hit series Friends nearly two decades ago. First, Glamour caught up with Aniston for Aveenos #MomentForMe competition about the lipsticks she wore during her run on Friends, the skincare routines she swears by, and how life is just better at age 50.

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