What is up guys, this is Snoop Doggs just sending all of you some love and a little wisdom. Snoop Dogg laughed, ending the video by giving everyone from Texas his biggest thanks. Snoop Dogg posted a video to social media from inside his downtown hotel suite in Corpus Christi on Sunday morning, giving his “Puff Puff Pass” tour fans a salute.

Snoop Dogg 2
Snoop Dogg

On Comeo, under the name of Femto, Robb Banks gives fans his paid-for shoutouts while in the middle of doing something. Bun B Bun Bs wisdom is always a sight to behold, and when it comes to Cameo, you can have that for only $75. Snoop Dogg, not one to give up a buck, has a popular, yet expensive, page about Cameo. BeatKing, who had a breakthrough year thanks to the breakout of Then Left Blowing Up on TikTok, charges $1,000 per video, which is easily the most expensive rapper cameo you can buy.

Lil Flip charges $250 for a video, which is, by the standards of rappers with Cameos, quite hefty. We had about 23 rappers we could contact over Cameo for personalized messages. Briana McFadden would like to thank also her photographer, who took a few photos of the Power Pose, EmaReide Photography. The A-lister said she was not going to let Dexter Lumis ruin her birthday, especially since she worked so hard for it.

Triple H says that a lot is going on, Triple H cannot get involved in that much. When Matt Riddle actually does cut back in once more, Jey Uso/Roman says that Riddle is being low-key disrespectful, leading to Sami Zayn challenging Riddle. Sami says that everyone loves Jey Uso/Roman, but he has not been very…Uce-y lately. Jey Uso/Roman Reigns looks frustrated, and then chuckles, saying that Sami Zayn is actually an honorary Uce.

Matt Riddle lights it up with a boot, and Jimmy attempts to join in, but Jey Uso/Roman does not allow Jimmy in. The A-Lister rejects that idea, then Road Dogg says that next week, they have to fight.

Rapper Snoop Dogg is coming to town Wednesday, and Bryana McFadden is not the only San Antonian she is shown some extra love for. Rapper Snoop Dogg recognized her struggles and gave her an Instagram post all her own on his account, which has over 20 million followers. Snoop Doggs won an American Music Award, Primetime Emmy Award, and has been nominated for a Grammy award 17 times.

Snoop Dogg’S Guide To Being A Boss At The Office

That is Snoop Doggs foundation, it is my heart and my soul, it is who I love most, who I trust most, The Drop It Like It is Hot rapper told GQ in a December cover story discussing his 30 year hip-hop career. The former Death Row Records rapper said that when it comes to trusting anyone with his legacy, nobody is more qualified than his wife of over two decades, Shante Broadus.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

Shante Broadus is also CEO of Boss Lady Spirits, and has served as a producer for a number of films and TV projects, including the 2012 Snoop Dogg documentary Reincarnated. In addition to her formal management role, Shante Broadus oversees operations at The Compound (a Los Angeles-based music recording, production, and event venue) frequented by artists like Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, Wiz Khalifa, Nelly, American Music Artists, and many others, as well as serving as a venue for events like the annual Cedars Sinai Sports Spectacular, the ADIDAS Rookie Symposium, among others. In his official manager role, Shante Broadus will be bringing his extensive, multidimensional experience in expanding American music artists existing endeavors, while also cultivating and strengthening any and all pending partnerships in the cannabis, spirits, games, music, branding partnerships, tours, licensing, and TV/film. His wife will be expanding her existing ventures, and help to nurture the up-and-coming partnerships the west coast born rapper has at work.

Just this week, Snoop announced he is joining Def Jam Recordings as the labels new Executive Creative Consultant and Strategic Advisor. The decision to get into hotdogs may have come as some surprise for fans of the 50-year-old rapper, following his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, back in 2016, where the Gin & Juice rapper learned how to cook a hotdog. Elsewhere in the interview, Snoop Dogg shares his thoughts on everything related to West Coast hip-hop, including the Kendrick Lamar era, his recent purchase of his own Death Row Records, and his latest collab with 2Pac. Since his early career, Snoop has been a confirmed marijuana smoker, making it one of his signature images.

In 2009, it was reported that Snoop was a member of the Nation of Islam. Snoop said that he was a member of the Nation, but declined to provide a date when he joined. In 1994, Death Row Records released the score, composed by Brodus, to a short film, Murder Is the Case, which featured Snoop. In 2012, following a trip to Jamaica, Broadus announced his conversion to Rastafari and new pseudonym, Snoop Lion.

In November 2015, Broadus announced his new cannabis brand, Leafs by Snoop. When he began recording, Broadus took on the stage name Snoop Doggy Dogg. The rapper/producer did not just change his name; he also changed his career ambitions. To that end, the rapper/producer found a new voice on his latest album, as well as a new sound, to attract new listeners.

If that is so, it suggests Snoop Dogg simply used his real name, which is far more alluring than any of his aliases, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. Presumably, the rapper/producer would not go after any dog-themed businesses proposed in the same spirit as his earlier ventures (which were all very real), like Snoop Doggs Hot Dogs, Doggy Biscuitz shoes, and the Snoop Dogg Pet Accessories Line.

His wife, too, will use her know-how to oversee the media aspects of the West Coast rappers born DIGGital DoGG empire, which includes animation, apps, and video games. Shante Broadus will oversee the media arm of American Music Artists Empire, diGGital dogg — the home to exclusive mobile apps, video games, and a proprietary animation pipeline. As part of her duties, she will oversee future business partnerships for the West Coast rap legend, as well as helping run the Snoop Dogg Youth Soccer League.

LOS ANGELES, June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — American music star, actor, record producer, DJ, media personality, and business mogul Snoop Dogg today announced the formal appointment of Shante Broadus to American Music Artists Executive Team as his official manager. The account has also been sending out clouds of bluff, Snoop-themed NFTs since he came out. One commenter suggested that Snoop Dogg might want to change Twitters name on social media platform Twizzle, while another called on him to raise his character limit from 140 characters to 420, referencing Snoops famous love for cannabis.

It does not stop… Tha Dogg gives the high life a taste, with remixes on top-tier dishes like Lobster Thermidor and Filet Mignon. Trying to sustain the consistent success over the course of 20 years Snoop Dogg has had (in music, movies, business) while so many musicians are merely one-hit wonders.

The regular job allows him to smoke all the pot he wants, to travel with Snoop Dogg, to get all of his expenses paid, and to receive free swag every time his boss gets it.

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