This project is the perfect testament to the growth fans have seen from 21 Savage over the years, musically as well as emotionally. Growth and maturity are both attainable within Hip Hop, and 21 is the latest evidence. Over the past two years, rappers have left the lane of underground rap and swerved elegantly onto the charts.

21 Savage 2
21 Savage

Rapper 21 Savage has had some mainstream success in the past year. After dropping two solid, albeit underground, mixtapes in 2015, 21 Savage burst onto the scene this year with his inclusion on XXLs Freshman Class and his highly-praised collaboration project, Savage Mode, with Metro Boomin. Often taking a break from Metro Boomins output in order to step down, 21 Savage has spent the last 4 years steadily evolving as an artist with every release.

This project, arguably one of the best albums this year, shows the perfect growth in the music of Metro Boomin and 21 Savage, proclaiming their place as a top-tier musician. 21 Savages association with young Metro did not exactly hurt its case, either.

Where once was 21 Savage, there is now a rounded, savvy performer that holds his own working alongside even the industrys biggest heavyweights. What the critics and listeners might pick up on when hearing 21s sophomore project is an ongoing shift that is been happening ever since leaving 21s previous life, which is now being carried through into this music.

With major label partnerships, more than a dozen nominations, and one Grammy victory under his belt, 21 Savage is no stranger to success. No one can deny Atlanta rapper 21 Savages success, but recently, he seemed to make a statement that was nearly impossible to believe.

In 2015, Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage became a household name on the music scene following the release of his debut mixtape, The Slaughter Tape. After the release of the 2015 mixtape The Slaughter Tape, he gained recognition and popularity within the Atlanta music scene, and later gained international acclaim with his song Savage Mode, produced by Metro Boomin. His first album, Savage Mode (2016), brought him international attention, and he has amassed a net worth of $750,000 in only a year of being in the music industry.

The 21-year-old was part of XXLs Freshman Class in 2016, earning triple-platinum sales for three songs (Bank Account, X, and No Heart), two gold-certified projects (Issa Album, Savage Mode), and a chart-topping single (his featured role on Post Malones Rockstar, which peaked at No. I am>I am debuted at No.1 on the U.S. Billboard 200, earning 131,000 album-equivalent units (18,000 pure album sales), making it 21s first US No. The album itself would later go on to become certified Gold, and 21 Savage stated that they had worked on it for so long that it was likely at least 4 different versions.

21 Savage Is The Coolest Dude In The World, According To 21 Savage

One artist and entrepreneur that has shown us all this year how to take a good moment from a bad moment is none other than 21 Savage. Ask 21 Savage questions about his life or music, and you would be lucky if he looks up from his phone. Considering that 21 Savage was raised in Atlanta during his teenage years, it is understandable why longtime fans, and the wider audience, did not realize that he was originally from England.

21 Savage
21 Savage

According to TMZ, 21 Savage moved from the UK to the United States when he was 12, and it is said 21 Savages visa expired in 2006, one year after he migrated. Representatives for the rapper now publicly claim 21 Savage, a rapper, was brought to the United States when he was 7. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities say that the entertainer came to the U.S. in 2005 with a visa, which he overstayed when it expired the next year.

According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokesperson Brian Cox, 21 Savage was arrested early Sunday in Atlanta. Rapper 21 Savage was arrested Sunday morning, just before the start of the Super Bowl, according to reports from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, rapper 21 Savage was taken into custody following an operation targeted at him in the Atlanta area.

21 Savage was present at the killing of Johnnie, which took place on Johnnis 21st birthday. 21 Savage sports quite a number of tattoos including the names Larry and Johnny in order to commemorate two of his best friends that were shot to death. In 2013, 21 Savage was shot six times during an illegal drug deal; he was killed by a best friend, which is memorialized by a large tattoo on his right pectoral muscle.

He told Rap Radar 21 was dedicated to 2100 Street Gang, an Atlanta-based group he was affiliated with. Aside from that song, 21 Savage has made it clear he does not mess around with rats.

Representatives for 21 Savage, the rapper, made a variety of statements regarding his visa status. Wack 100 invited 21 Savage to make an appearance, wherein the Atlanta rapper expressed his strong opinion that Wack is a liar for supporting 6ix9ine in any capacity. Things got heated from there, as Wack 100 claimed 21 Savage asked 6ix9ine to fight 21 Savage over the phone. Gangstas were apparently Wack 100 and 21 Savage, while Rat was 6ix9ine.

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