This new project is an album that is been wanted by this artist forever, and is a great representation of what The Weeknd is like as an artist. Abel Tesfaye has stepped up his game on this new project, After Hours is a masterpiece, it encompasses The Weeknds best attributes, and will be remembered by fans as one of the highest achievements in his career. Canadian-born Abel Tesfaye, best known by the name The Weeknd, released his album, After Hours, on March 28. Throughout the album, Canadian-native Abel Tesfaye seems to be struggling between reverting back to his old ways–drugs and sex–and becoming a new person.

The Weeknd 2
The Weeknd

The Weeknd has been teasing the new music — tones that sound very similar to the ones from this album — all week long in Instagram Live. To cap things off, The Weeknd just released three new songs in a deluxe edition of his fourth studio album, and two of them appear to feature lyrics from The Weeknds ex. The singer, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, has been teaseing since the beginning about creating an identity for his after hours album. When the promotion began for Abel Tesfayes official full-length Kiss Land in Fall 2013, he finally sat down with Complex Magazine to talk about his mysterious background.

Abel Tesfaye, known worldwide as The Weeknd, made news throughout the year as he performed at VMAs in 2015 and released a new Grammy-nominated album featuring two chart-topping singles. With the albums minimalist release lasting only one week, Abel Tesfaye made up for a lack of anticipation with cinematic music videos, a fun new personality modeled after himself as an older man, and a glorious audio universe for listeners to immerse themselves in. On his new fifth studio album, Dawn FM, The Weeknd steps bravely into the bright.

Surprisingly, his sophomore full-length in 2015 finds The Weeknd double-downing on the sweeping, New Wave-esque synths on After Hours, as well as The Weeknds own moment with Michael Jackson. After Hours has reverberated on fans nearly two years since After Hours was released, and facing yet another stage in a terrifying pandemic, his 2015 full-length seems to be helping to get fans through this one, too. Everything from the varied production, artist dedication to aesthetics of his public performances and music videos, along with a history, has led me to conclude this new project is The Weeknds best studio album yet.

The Weeknd Is A Self Made Star That’S Just Making It Even Bigger

The Weeknd has struggled to explain his ascent during infrequent interviews, so we asked several people within his creative orbit to account for the elusive Canadians transformation from cult favourite to one of pops biggest phenomena this year. A #1 single made Abel Makkonen Tesfaye one of the summers most talked-about stars. Even now, Abel Tesfaye is really notable for having completed an entire artistic arc back in 2011. Once Abel Tesfaye came up with The Weeknds concept, a darker R&B project, everything seemed to fall into place.

The Weeknd
The Weeknd

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye released some songs as the name The Weeknd, which was to be the name he rose to prominence as. While The Weeknd has yet to speak on his true-life inspiration, Angelina Jolie, fans have suggested that he is describing the Eternals 46-year-old actress, after the two were linked last year. Listeners were quick to decode The Weeknds lyrics when he dropped his new album, Dawn FM – and some fans thought they had uncovered hints of his rumored affair with Angelina Jolie. One of the biggest ironies about a lack of recognition is that one reason we know his name today is that he is already a Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and producer.

The Canadian singers breakthrough hit, which truly set the tone for The Weeknds subsequent two albums, is still, if you need to explain to a clueless friend what The Weeknds music is about, Wicked Games is your best choice. A few months after that breakthrough performance, The Weeknd dropped Earned It, a waltz-y, streamlined love song that was co-written by Moccio for The Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack released earlier this year (another The Weeknd song, Where You Belong, ended up making it onto the soundtrack).

Unlike most halftime shows, which feature an awkward mix of hits and clown cars packed full of guest stars, most halftime shows, Abel Tesfaye managed to pay each song a fair amount of attention – though every song except for one was considerably speeded up compared to the original versions they would have received from guest stars. Hip-hop, alt-R&B, and, later, trap-pop, such as Post Malone and Reputation/Folklore-era Taylor Swift, have absorbed Abel Tesfayes propensity for mind-numbing, desensitizing melodies. That is because Tesfaye, who performs under the name The Weeknd, was passed over for the nomination in spite of having released the #4 best-selling album last year – a move that generated reaction pieces across the Internet, and led to him announcing he was refusing to submit his work to future Grammys.

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