I felt that there were really three or four songs that I actually liked very much from a surprise album called Kamikaze–The Ringer, Great, Lucky You, Not Alike, in particular–and a solid half-dozen tracks on it that I considered legitimately great Eminem songs. Kamikaze sounds considerably better than the half-dozen Eminem albums that came before it (though, again, this is not saying all that much) because this is the first thing that Eminem has released in about 16 years that sounds like he is really come out of whatever dungeon of a recording studio that he is been locked into. What I still cannot say, after all of these listens, is just how conscious Eminem is about this whole thing.

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One of the hosts does not shy away from it, but I did not feel like Eminem was out on the streets. People that specifically called out Eminem for being sneaky or he may be spewing that, but he cannot be taking that…. They obviously do not listen to hip-hop. Rather than offering Eminem a reality check, one of the hosts interjects an older song about how in her area, people did not listen to Eminems music.

In fact, a lot of his credulous female fans would argue his Slim Shady persona — or any of his nasty anti-woman lyrics — is all an act. Guys who listen closely to Eminems actual lyrics – and not just his popular songs or the sterilized movie soundtracks – know that most respectable girls, who are aware of the depths of our cultures sexism, are disgusted by Eminems misogyny, and are frustrated by his popularity. Eminem says talking about his struggles — on songs like Going Through Changes — has been an empowerment.

Last years critical backlash inspired some of Eminems more convoluted wordplay and energetic flows in years, as he reassessed his own standing within the industry and took jabs at the tide of aspiring artists. Eminem does not like reaching, and he is willing to take on his critics on Kamikaze, a surprise album that dropped on Friday (August 31).

At the beginning of the year, Eminem shocked the world by dropping music from his 11th studio album, Music to be Murdered By Beyonce-style. The biggest album dropping this week comes from Eminem, who dropped the follow-up to his Music To Be Murdered By album.

Eminem fanning the flames with threats of killing the bullies of Columbine; Eminem really feels like the more defiant child of pop culture right now. After years of underwhelming albums riddled by limp stadium-pop, it is simply thrilling to hear Eminem sound this fired-up once more: He makes a pretty compelling Victor Meldrew.

I Found All 10 Of Eminem’S Lyrics That Use The Word “Rain”

Songs featuring the word “rain” symbolise various values related to the world around us. While some songs express a literal meaning of rain, most songs use the term metaphorically to delineate deeper messages. A number of songs about rain are an expression of ideas brought to life by personal experiences.


A good way to celebrate the fact that the rain is coming is by using this list of songs about the Rain. When it is raining, you can get out there and dance in the rain with any or all of our list of rain songs below. The lyrics are composed of the verses that are reversed from the beginning of the song.

There are a few awkward rhyming in 33 (Coroner and Circle might not be Eminems best), but subtle inflections and timing by Eminem keeps 33 right on point. For most of Encore, it feels like Eminem has run out of things to say – check out Puke (No.

The righteous title track for his return album is an audacious answer to the critics who criticized Eminems lyrical content. Its purpose is to debunk those who believe that he is short on talent and relies on shock value. It took his next few songs to earn Eminem the respect of real hip-hop heads. Eminem has previously revealed that the song is about Eminems ex-wife Kim, written while the two were out of touch.

Eminem is known for being protective of his daughter, Haley Scott, frequently rapping about her in his songs. When Kim found out that Eminem used our daughter in writing that song, she was freaking out. Eminem said that after watching Chick Lit, she was inspired to write a love song, but he never wanted it to be a gooey song, and included the way she felt about their breakup, which left her daughter, Hailie Scott, caught in between. Eminem later apologized for his lyrics about Kim on the 2013 song Headlights.

That is just how untouchable Eminem was back then: Love Me was not even the second or third best song on the Late Registration soundtrack, yet it was nonetheless catchy. Pick one word wrong, or even one word nearly right, and your song is just going to make people want to shut the damn thing down.

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