Speaking to Variety about casting actor Austin Butler in the role of music icons subject, casting director Denise Chamian opened up on how casting Elvis Presley was. When we got to actor Austin Butlers casting, casting director Denise Chamian said, This is the titular music icon, and Baz Luhrmann was looking right at me.

Austin Butler 2
Austin Butler

When talking about his new movie, Luhrmann was asked about some other Elvis hopefuls, including Miles Teller and Harry Styles, who eventually went with Austin Butler. Actor Austin Butlers name was included in the actor roster given to Baz Luhrmann by casting director Denise Chamian, and although she recommended Butler for the titular music icon, his lack of leading roles in mainstream features made casting him somewhat uphill. After getting a look at Austin Butlers jiggled-up thighs, wearing shiny black blond hair, and nailing that Elvis Presley-esque late-in-life accent perfectly, it was obvious that Butler was the actor for the part.

Austin Butler also lends his voice to a few performances of some influential, but polarizing, musicians classic songs Elvis used, from Trouble, Baby Let us Play House, as well as Hound Dog (which is in turn a cover of a original by Big Mama Thornton). We also get to see Austin Butler, an actor who was paired with Tom Hanks, covered by prosthetics in order to portray the sinister and notorious Colonel Tom Parker of Elvis Presley in a new film based on the new movie based on the new movie based on the Elvis Biopic. The lead as the King himself is 30 year-old American actor Austin Butler, while co-starring in Elvis is Tom Hanks, who plays Elvis Presleys manager Colonel Tom Parker. As the singer aged, Austin Butlers voice was mixed with a recording of a middle-aged Elvis in order to provide the most similar voice tones, a decision made by film director Baz Luhrmann.

By July, after months of training on Elvis–and an unsolicited phone call from Broadway co-star Washington, who told Luhrmann, You are in for a treat when you see this young mans work ethic, said the director–Butler had beat out stars such as Miles Teller and Harry Styles to become Elvis. In an interview last month, Harry Styles opened up to Howard Stern about the Elvis research process, which included recreating one of Elviss Las Vegas shows and acting in several scenes in an audition.

The Most Interesting Man In Austin Butler

Soon to be cast in a long-awaited biopic about Elvis Presley, Austin Butler is one of Hollywoods most exciting young talents. Despite being a relatively unknown actor, Austin Butler has beat out strong competition from actors such as Harry Styles, Baby Driver actor Ansel Elgort, and Whiplash actor Miles Teller to land the starring role in the soon-to-be-released Elvis Presley biopic. Elvis Presleys was played by Austin Butler, who did his best with the script he was given and did a great job avoiding the trappings of emulation, but whose naturalistic, introspective approach to the role never really gelled with Austin Butlers gaudy, almost hallucinatory filmworld.

Austin Butler
Austin Butler

Writer/director Baz Luhrmann delivered one of the first major films of the summer with his hip biopic Elvis, depicting Elvis Presleys (Austin Butler) ascension through the entertainment industry, and his complex relationship with his longtime manager Col. Tom Parker (Tom Hanks) longtime manager. A figure as influential and colorful as Elvis Presley (played without a doubt by Austin Butler in Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood) deserves another approach, and that is what Baz Luhrmanns delivers, offering up a fabled, shattered tale, and an instructive parable of fame and influence in mid-century America).

Austin Butlers most notable acting role so far is the title role in Baz Luhrmanns Elvis biopic, Elvis, opposite Tom Hanks, set to be released on June 22, 2022. He is currently making movie history in his breakout role of Elvis, playing the music icon directed by Baz Luhrmann. Austin Butler stepped onto screens earlier this year in the highly anticipated Baz Luhrmann biopic Elvis, and won the hearts of critics — it is been tipped to earn Oscar buzz — as well as Lisa Marie Presley himself. Austin Butler sang all the rock and roll icons early music in Elvis (for later years of Vegas, his voice was mixed in with actual Elvis performances).

While Austin Butler takes a brief pause to focus, director Baz Luhrmanns instructions for the musicians are for the notes to be played deliberately incorrectly, so that Butler — like Elvis — would have to work with them to achieve the desired sound. Austin Butler was also still connecting his new role — a U.S. soldier threatened by Germans — to Elvis. Butlers breakthrough performance as the titular King of Rock n Roll is attracting most of the praise, and though this is definitely Austin Butlers biggest role to date, his hip biopic Elvis is hardly the first time audiences have seen it. News broke last week that Butler has beaten out nearly all of the other young, cool faces in Hollywood to star as Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmanns yet-to-be-titled forthcoming movie about the King, cementing his place on a legitimate A-list waiting to happen.

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