Where can I see my order tracking code?

Please go to the Track Your Order page, enter your order number and payment email. The system will display the tracking code after the order has been shipped by the post office, if it is still not available, please wait for the next 2-3 days. After 7 days of purchase still not available, please contact us by email.

Where is TeeFox’s T-shirt factory?

We have t-shirt printing workshops in USA, Europe, Canada. Depending on the customer’s geographical location, we will print in that country or the country with the nearest t-shirt printing factory.

Why is the order tracking code not updated?

Tracking information is not updated immediately after placing an order for several reasons: – Once the order is dispatched, your tracking number will need up to 3-5 business days to be updated due to post office scanning and updating. – Orders are in transit abroad. Tracking information will not be updated until the order arrives in the customer’s country. You should wait 5-7 business days and check the tracking link again afterwards. If it’s been more than 10 business days and your tracking status still hasn’t been updated, please email us for support.

Order address is wrong.

If you give us the wrong address, please check again after you place your order and email us within 24h of payment. We will change it to the correct address, After 24h if it has been sent we cannot interfere. So make sure to enter your correct address when ordering. It is still possible to change the address but you will have to pay the freight, when your order arrives at the wrong address we will update the new address and the post office will forward it to the next address. You will pay the postage directly.

Order received is faulty.

If you receive a defective item, please take 2 photos for us, one of the defect location and one of the entire shirt. We will send you a new order immediately.

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