On Valentines Day, Big Time Rush tweeted out a phone hotline number that fans could call in order to get their new single promoted. Big Time Rush, featuring Kendall Schmidt Logan Henderson James Maslow Carlos PenaVega, released its new song, “Not Giving You Up,” on February 25. Big Time Rush also released a song entitled Like Nobodys Around, in the first episode Big Time Invasion is an overview of the history of American professional, successful, and avowed boy bands; The Platters, The Temptations, The Jackson 5, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC, as an answer to Britains invasion of competing acts, as well as wildly successful One Direction.

Big Time Rush 4
Big Time Rush

Now, the group has reunited for their Forever tour, and is heading to El Paso next month to play all their fan-favorite hits. Before Big Time Rush takes the stage for their first full set in eight years Wednesday, Dec. 15, they hosted a Q&A, soundcheck and Meet and Greet for fans who purchased VIP passes. Big Time Rush was then led into the Chicago Theaters corner for fans to meet them and pose for photos.

While it is not surprising that fans were excited to see Big Time Rush once more, the true joy came from seeing Big Time Rushs faces constantly, widely smiling during their entire performances. Before the performance began, members of BTRs videography team captured fans sharing their happiness about being able to experience the event. When Rushers were not singing along to old and new pop songs performed by Big Time Rush, the volume of their almost continuous chants in response to songs and questions raised by the bands members was deafening.

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A generation of fans fell in love with then-teenagers Logan, James, Carlos, and Kendall in their Nickelodeon-hit Big Time Rush show, which ran from 2009-2013. Due to the extreme worldwide popularity and success of Big Time Rush (as well as being highly regarded as one of the bands who helped to resurrect the boyband wave), The Washington Times Magazine listed Big Time Rush 15th in its list of Top 20 Best Boy Bands of the Decade in 2012.

The boys claim they have never broken a promise, but on “Big Time Audition” and “Big Time Concert” they broke a promise with Miss Majekovic. In one episode, Mr. Bieters threw Jenni, Kendall, and Carlos (meaning that the whole group was kicked out of Palmwoods), but the following episode, they were still living there. Meanwhile, Gustavo and Kelly must repair a fan using Logan, as the Rock Band is threatening to beat them if they do not.

Things You Never Knew About Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush is about four hockey players, from Duluth, Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, and Logan Henderson, who start a boy band and relocate to Hollywood, California. Big Time Rush centers around the Hollywood misadventures of four hockey players from Duluth, Minnesota, Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell. After the four hockey players from Duluth are chosen to form a boy band by Gustavo Roque, a fictional mega-music producer, Kendall Knight, MN. Like the majority of songs in BTRs setlist that night, the song Turd Song was released as a part of the Nickelodeon television program Big Time Rush, which launched The Boys in 2009, portraying four Minnesota teens who accidentally score a record contract, make their way to Hollywood, and form a world-famous boy band. Made up of Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Penagoge, and Logan Henderson, the four played fictionalized versions of themselves in Nickelodeons Big Time Rush, while performing as their actual selves in the titular band.

Big Time Rush
Big Time Rush

Following the bands ascension to stardom, Nickelodeons Big Time Rush expanded upon the ins and outs of the music industry, getting realistic with different aspects of the business. While the titular band is recording songs, touring, and experiencing ups and downs in the music industry, fictionalized versions of them are doing the same things in Nickelodeons Big Time Rush. Big Time Rush was a massive hit, thus making Carlos, James, Kendall, and Logan the next biggest boyband.

Although Big Time Rush ended in 2013, with the group playing its final concerts in the next year, the two remained close friends and they still call themselves a band (take note One Direction!). Now, with the Big Time Rush Nationwide Forever Tour underway, and the release of all new music including hit singles Honey, Fall, and Not Giving You Up, fans can expect to see plenty more from the powerhouse band over the next few years, including their new single Dale Pa Ya featuring Maffioon, which was released on Friday, August 19. In the movie, Big Time School Of Roque, the four have to balance their new lives as pop stars with the normal lives that teenagers lead at their high schools. Stephen Kramer Glickman, who plays Gustavo on the show, was in fact just 30 years old during season 1, making Steven Kramer Glickman just 10 years older than the boys from Big Time Rush.

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