Look no further than the cult classic romance movies to find some fun movie quotes thatll make you giggle whenever you hear them. The best lines will have you laughing, crying, or simply feeling nostalgic, so let yourself loose on these 50 most famous movie quotes of all time.

Die Hard has some of the most iconic one-liners in all of cinema, but the franchise has plenty of wonderful quotes that fans have forgotten. From an iconic heroes other funny lines in the not-so-popular sequels, to lines by supporting characters from the entire franchise, fans should not forget about these awesome Die Hard quotes. Plus, Die Hard movies are filled with great throwaway lines fans still quote to this day.

Die Hard 2
Die Hard

Along with action scenes and the iconic hero, one of the things that makes Die Hard such an influential film is Die Hards unforgettable lines. The film is filled with quote-able lines, earning it immediate icon status, and earning us either an unflinching conversation, or a soapy smear, should our mother ever listen. Hans Gruber from Die Hard has so many great quotes in Die Hard that fans may struggle to choose one favourite.

Today, we want to revisit the 40 stories from the “Sherer Adventure” series, counting down the best Die Hard quotes we cannot help but chuckle at every opportunity. Whether you are looking for that perfect Instagram quote, a pop-culture throwaway, or you simply want to take a trip down memory lane with “New Girl,” these famous quotes from the best characters in “New Girl” will make you laugh–and cry–along the way. Follow along and find out how John McClane would have played a hero, and whether or not John McClane could save everyone by stopping a villain.

In typical 1980s bad-guy fashion, Die Hards Hans Gruber has to taunt the hero right before winning, giving John McClane his one final shot at saving the day, and he does. Instead, Die Hards Hans Gruber had to try and rip off McClanes most iconic lines, which eventually gave the New York policeman just enough time to put an end to the crisis. After faltering at killing one of the bad guys in this R-rated actioner, Gruber got the better of it and seemed to put the iconic hero on his back.

Of course, given this is a Die Hard-enemy-revisit, we are treated to the bonus ending where the baddie has one last surprise battle left in him, but Gina swiftly puts him down with an impromptu flamethrower, thereby saving the day/Christmas. This is his Die Hard – or at least, the closest thing to it Jake probably will get – and he is going to put it to good use, trapped inside the department store with Charles, Gina, and a few shoppers held at gunpoint.

I’Ve Got A Good Feeling About Die Hard

It is less about John McClane than it is that, because of the luxury of hindsight, BRUCE WILLIS is able to look back at all three films and say, What did I love about that or that… The first movie is always my favorite, and I have always wanted to come back and do a film that tried to match that first movie–make a old-school, hard-hitting film that had the old-school tricks, but that was also brought up to date, and was able to speak to the issue of terrorism in a post-9/11 era, and was able to speak the word terrorist, without being afraid, while at the same time honoring the memories of those people that lost their lives on September 11. It is not so much John McClane as much as, with the luxury of hindsight, BRUCE WILLIS can look back at all three films and say, What did I like about this one or that one… the first film was always my favorite, and I always wanted to go back and make a movie that tried to live up to the first one — to make an old-school Die Hard with old-school stunts that had also been brought into the 21st century, and that was able to talk about terrorism in a post-9/11 time and not be afraid to say the word terrorist, and at the same time not dishonor the memory of the people who lost their lives on 9/11. Bruce Willis every day action hero, John McClane. In fact, aside from one scene early on in Die Hard 5, if you came into Cold Rain with A Good Day to Die Hard, there is a very real possibility that you did not really know what John McClane did for a living.

Die Hard
Die Hard

With the fifth installment of the franchise, A Good Day To Die Hard, set to hit theaters this week, we thought we would go through every time that John McClane should have died (but did not). Bruce Willisa salty beginnings were old-fashioned and crusty, and they have only got better as they get older. Aside from a fight or two with the son of John McClane, thereas very little evidence of the kind of anguish and trouble that has dogged his working life on A Good Day to Die Hard. The film offers emotional closure to John and Holly, whose marriage has been stressed out over his acceptance of a good job in L.A. (while John stays back in New York for a sense of policing duty).

The film has nothing but contempt for its audience, as it seems to believe that if you just get Bruce Willis) bringing in John McClanes attitude, and throw in a few shitty fight scenes, you do not have to give a damn about anything else. We feel like we are watching Bruce Willis in a Bruce Willis movie where Bruce Willis can survive everything by taking down bad guys, videogame-style. Everyone (except for Bruce Willis) seems to have heard about the Die Hard series, but have never really seen it.

Bruce Willis is reportedly resistant to playing too much on the nostalgia card when it comes to Die Hard movies, and is clearly unhappy that the films are simply retreading old ground. Whatever your opinions are on Bruce Willis (and I am quite high on him, in fact), you should be rooting for McClane to make it.

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