Vegan musician Lizzo appeared on the cover of the Vogue magazines October issue. The October issue of Vogue is the first black, plus-sized woman to do so. In the same news cycle in which Lizzo was caught on camera in a Lakers game twerking thong, and in which she released a music video that practically screamed black supremacy, Lizzo earned a spot on Time magazines annual Person of the Year list. Lizzo was named Entertainer of the Year, and posed for an amazing black-and-white photograph wearing a sassy, circle-print suit and one-heel.

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Lizzo wears a $37,000 cape by Mary Katrantzou, and poses for the photograph just moments after being named Entertainer of the Year. Lizzo wears $37, Manolo Blahnik shoes, and Almasika earrings on Time. Having Lizzo wearing the trench coat on the cover, as well as Cornucopias cloak on the interior spread, was a complete circle for Mary Katrantzou, as she designed her spring/summer 2020 collection to appeal to anyone and everyone.

Lizzo, photographed by Paola Cudacki, wears a $37. The award-winning singer seduced audiences on Friday wearing a bold shade of blue formfitting clothing from her intimates brand, Yitty, while performing at Todays After Special album release. In the edition, Lizzo talks about her forthcoming album as well as the ups and downs of her career. Elsewhere, in an interview with the ELLE UK Magazine, Lizzo details the vibes that her fans can expect on her upcoming record.

Following the release of her new record, “Special,” Lizzo is making the rounds on the press circuit – and her latest includes a stunning cover shoot and an interview with ELLE UK Magazine. On Essences latest digital cover is Lizzo, the freshest, most body-positive pop princess in the music business. Her cover art is of Lizzo in her authentic, disco-ball, god-like self. Like, Lizzo is certainly at the point in life where, for the first time ever, I am sniffing roses.

No matter what, fans can count on American singer Lizzo to be an ever-proud ARMY member and show off his love for BTS wherever he goes. When the video was shared, ARMY was not able to stop themselves from loving American singer Lizzos voice and how happy she was covering the track. ARMYs also loved the way she made sure to shout out his Bias at the end, to solidify his status as ARMY himself. Lizzo strikes a vicious pose on the magazines cover wearing Balenciaga-branded caution tape wrapped stylishly around her curves.

Lizzo Is The Soulful, Sensual, Fun And Fearless Singer You Didn’T Know

With her powerful pipes, razor-sharp wit, and unrelenting dedication to self-love and self-care, Lizzo is the unafraid pop star we need. After empowering albums that made others feel empowered and loved, Lizzo closed out with a sexy song about fantasizing about the lovers she dreams about, a perfect ending for any day. Lizzo made waves at her headlining performances on weekend one of Coachella, and in time for weekend two, she arrives with her long-awaited debut LP, CUZ I Love You.


Known for Lizzos blunt messages about body positivity, her much anticipated debut album does not back down. With so many viral tweets, from an iconic flute and shot of a Lizzo performance, to numerous videos of her twerking, fans fell in love with Lizzos authentic persona, as well as her emotionally charged songs. Her brand is more than just a zinger dropped over the microphone and big-budget features. Lizzo eventually went solo, producing Lizzobangers, Lizzos first studio album, in 2013, followed by Big Grrrls follow-up, Small World, two years later.

The buzz around Lizzo was slow-building, until it burst through with her love-sick banger, Truth Hurts, which became a smash two years after it was originally released. It was a bit of a pleasant surprise to find out that with Special, her much-anticipated 2019 major-label follow-up to her debut, Cuz I Love You, Lizzo has buckled down and made a flurry of tightly-poppy bangers — and she is done so without blunting the edges of Lizzos funk-infused, loose-limbed charm. With a dozen tracks spanning a little over 35 minutes, Special moves quickly, with the sort of warmth-seeking impetus that you did not get on a far more loose-limbed Cuz I Love You, a record in which hooks and grooves can wander, even as Lizzo knew exactly where he was going. There are tracks dripping in sex, as well as love songs such as Adore, which remains one of the greatest ever.

Blasting Lizzos music makes you want to stand up and dance (or, ya know, literally toss out hairs and examine nails), yes, but it will also really just make you feel pretty damn good. Hits have helped broaden Lizzos sphere of influence, of course, but do not seem like a true driving force in her career. Born Melissa Jefferson in Detroit, Lizzo discovered a natural talent for music at a young age (It chose me, she told Apple Music) and began recording in Minneapolis not long after graduating from high school. Girl, Run that s**t back, Lizzo says, following an exuberant flute solo on Tempo — the song features a guest verse by Missy Elliott, a man who, Lizzo says on Twitter, made that plump, freaky, black kid believe that anything was possible.

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