According to Shakin Stevens, the contents of the track (“Merry Christmas Everybody”) were intended to echo the Christmas-y classic tracks that people like the late Bing Crosby used to throw out back in comparatively prudish times. It is clear, then, that Epic Records would put out an album called Merry Christmas Everybody, even though the song itself was years old, if one considers it the biggest hit of Shakin Stevenss fifty-year discography. Shakys got the number one Christmas spot back in 1985, with Shakys 1985 Christmas Classic. Reaching number one upon release in 1985, Merrily Christmas Everybody has been a Christmas season staple since.

Merry Christmas 6
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everybody went from number 38 to number 10, then number 2, then the song reached number 1, at which point such an important charity single was number 3. In 2007, the song returned to the top 30 of the UK charts, reaching No 22 in the Christmas chart. The song reached No.1 in the UK in 1985, holding that years number-one position for Christmas, giving Shakey Shakey his fourth chart-topper. For the record, the single also defeated another future Christmas classic, Wizzards I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, en route to number one.

In time for Christmas 2015, Shakin Stevens released a new version of the song as a charity single, in partnership with The Salvation Army. The final track, “So Long Christmas”, is fitting, with Shakin Stevens (or Shaky) looking ahead to the new year. The other eight songs are all original, although one (I am Coming Home This Christmas) sounds like it might be the follow-up to another old chestnut (I am Coming Home For Christmas), but on this song, he is finally coming home, not just daydreaming. It is one of the most corny songs ever, but one that we cannot help but enjoy each and every Christmas.

Written by Bob Heatlie and produced by Dave Edmunds, this is the fourth, and, so far, the last, UK singles chart number-one by Shakin Stevens. It was produced by Welsh guitar and vocalist Dave Edmunds, who had scored a Christmas number one single of his own with I Heard You Knock Christmas in 1970. When the song was first popular, I was walking round the mall in Edinburgh, and there were these two girls, arms linked, wearing their Christmas hats, singing the thing to me with all their might. With more than 200m streams of “Merry Christmas Everybody” on Spotify alone, and the number-one spot for Christmas to brag about, this family-friendly album will always be a dynasty at the holiday season.

The 2015 single did not chart in the UK Top 100, though Shakin Stevens original reached #26 in the UK Top 100 Chart, released on Christmas Week 2015.

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays are easy greetings among friends, acquaintances, and strangers in a season when nearly everyone is a bit cheerful. It is that time of the year…when you are looking forward to each interaction because you are unsure if to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons greeting, or perhaps a few secret pleasantries that you are not even aware of yet. When you say merry christmas instead of Happy Holidays, or anything else that includes festivities outside those that are sanctified by Christianity, you are writing off the significance of peoples experiences that do not share your faith. This difference in usage between merry Christmas and happy holidays has led some to fear offending somebody because of the choice of greeting.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Many insist that Merry Christmas is a better greeting to use in the wintertime, while others claim Happy Holidays is better for that time. The change from Happy Holidays to Happy Holidays was made in deference to people who celebrate holidays besides Christmas. By using Merry Christmas solely, it can appear that one is recognizing or celebrating just one set of people in the winter season, whereas in fact, Merry Christmas is only one of several holidays celebrated during the month of December. The phrase Happy Holidays has gained popularity through usage in an effort to foster more inclusive culture, though this shift has caused friction and added to the debate over war on Christmas.

Even if you are celebrating one holiday while the person you are talking to is celebrating another, using a broader term does your part in making sure that everybodys holiday is truly happy. This year, if you want to simply share some of your holiday cheer with a Jewish immigrant, share in whatever way makes you happy – or happy. May this Christmas bring you lots of joy and happiness, and may the new year be joyous and bright. Best wishes for a blessed Christmas season, and health and happiness in the years to come.

The holiday season is an appropriate time to wish colleagues and superiors all the best in the coming year, as well as thank them for any achievements in the current year. Christmas is the time for reconnecting with families both near and far, and these Happy Holiday wishes can help you spread holiday cheer this holiday season. Short Merry Christmas wishes text messages that you can send to friends and family during the Christmas and Holiday seasons.

Wishing you a latke-filled joy on HanukahHappy Holidays From Owls of Us Fruitcakeas in the Mail Letas Snowa| Somewhere ElseHappy Hanukah. Chanukaha| Happy festival of lights If youare celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the solstice, or Festivus,a we hope youall have a Happy Holiday.

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