Iron Man may have started off as a glib, egotistical playboy, but over the years he’s matured into a formidable hero. Tony Stark is now beloved for his quips and his arrogance—but also for his generosity and humility. And from rescuing civilians in burning buildings to fighting alongside fellow heroes, Iron Man has been dazzling audiences for years. For the uninitiated, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of Iron Man’s best moments:

Iron man
Iron Man

1. Iron Man saves people from a burning building

The first Iron Man movie is one of the best superhero movies ever made, and it has one of the most iconic superhero moments ever. The scene involves Iron Man saving people from a burning building in which they were trapped. The reason this moment is so popular is because it shows how far Stark has come since he was just a billionaire playboy who was interested only in having fun. As a result of his experiences with terrorism and being kidnapped by terrorists, Stark has become a hero who wants to help protect innocent lives instead of just living for himself like he used to do.

2. Iron Man fights the Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron

In the Avengers: Age of Ultron, Iron Man and Hulk have a fight. They are both strong and smart, but Iron Man is stronger than Hulk. This is because he has armor.

When the two first meet in the movie, Hulk immediately attacks Iron Man with his enormous strength. The Hulk then punches and kicks at the suit of armor that covers Tony Stark’s body until it falls apart into pieces across the floor of Avengers Tower where they fought. After this happens, all that remains standing between them are two large fists connected by cables—the remaining parts of Iron Man’s suit! These fist-like devices allow Stark access to various weapons like missiles and lasers to use against his opponent if needed (which they were).

Fortunately for Tony Stark though…he had more tricks up his sleeve!

3. Iron Man creates a new element

Though Stark’s best moments are about his inventions, he also has a knack for creating new elements. In fact, he’s responsible for naming an element that has been discovered by scientists. The element is called [Starkium] and is a super-heavy metal belonging to the platinum group (you know, those precious metals that we tend to associate with royalty).

The process of creating this element was pretty straightforward: Stark fused gold and palladium in his lab using plasma heating—the same technique used to create artificial diamonds. This created an extremely hot reaction which led to a fusion reaction between the two metals. Once they cooled down enough, they formed into crystals that look like regular platinum but are actually made up of both elements!

4. Iron Man and Captain America fight it out

  • Iron Man and Captain America fight it out in Avengers: Civil War. The two heroes are best friends and have been fighting together for years, but their differing views on the Sokovia Accords leads to a brutal battle that ends with one of them in critical condition.
  • Iron Man and Captain America fight over their differing beliefs. Captain America believes that government oversight is necessary to ensure superhero activity doesn’t become too reckless or dangerous, while Tony Stark feels that superheroes should be given free rein to do whatever they want without any kind of regulation or monitoring from anyone else—including the government.
  • Iron Man and Captain America fight even though they are friends. Despite being close friends who were once roommates together during college (and who still live together today!), Tony Stark becomes so angry at Steve Rogers’ refusal to support his stance on the Sokovia Accords that he decides they must go their separate ways until they can resolve their differences about how far-reaching the accords should go when it comes to governing superhuman activities across all territories within Earth’s atmosphere

5. The entire first Avengers movie

While the first Avengers movie was focused on the team, it also featured Iron Man in a very prominent role. The film saw him going up against Loki, one of his most iconic foes and an important Marvel villain who’s still around today.

This was also the first time we got to see all of these heroes together in one movie — as well as Hulk punching Loki into space — so if you’re looking for an exciting introduction to both Iron Man and what he has done in the past, this is definitely it!

6. Iron Man watches the Civil War play out on TV

As a hero, Tony Stark is aspirational. He’s smart, he’s wealthy and he’s got a suit of armor that can fly and shoot missiles. But as a human being, Tony Stark is very much like you or me: he makes mistakes, gets depressed and struggles with addiction. This combination of qualities makes him more relatable than most other Marvel characters—and it also provides for some very entertaining moments in the MCU movies.

7. Tony Stark makes his parents proud in Captain America: Civil War

  • He’s a hero in the movies.
  • He’s a philanthropist.
  • He’s a genius.
  • He’s a billionaire.
  • He’s a superhero.
  • And he’s also known for his playboy tendencies, because of course Tony Stark would be both of those things at once!

8. Tony Stark is a superhero, both on and off the battlefield.

But Tony Stark is also a superhero. Both on and off the battlefield, he’s an inspiration to his fellow Avengers and an example of what it means to be a hero.

Stark is a genius, even before the accident that turned him into Iron Man. He built his own suit in secret because he knew that if SHIELD found out about it, they would take control of it. This shows not only his brilliance but also how much he cares about protecting his technology from being used for evil purposes (or being stolen by other people).

In addition to being intelligent, Stark is also extremely generous with his money; when Pepper Potts wants him to buy her some expensive clothes during their first date together in 2008’s Iron Man (which you can watch online here), he instead gives her all $200 million dollars that was left over after selling weapons systems built by his father’s company back when they were still partners.

Not only does this show how good of a person Tony is—he would rather give away millions than spend them on himself—but it also shows just how much money he has at his disposal: enough wealth that he could easily live comfortably on Earth without ever needing another dime again!

It’s hard to pick just eight of the best moments from such an amazing film character, but I hope this list gives you a good idea of what Tony Stark’s personality will look like once he takes over as Iron Man. He might not be perfect, but he has a lot of heart and courage that make him worth rooting for when things get tough (not to mention humor). I hope this list was fun for any Marvel fans out there to see what kind of superhero we can expect over the next few years!

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