Frontman Peter Steeles album, Nothing Is Rea Type O Negative Life Is Killing Me, resin art pendant on an adjustable cord necklace, by magicalmejewelry. Peter Steele Va bestie Life Is Killing Me is the fifth full-length studio album by U.S., New York-based doom/gothic metal band Type O Negative. Life Is Killing Me is the 6th studio album by gothic metal band Type O Negative. Gothic metal band Type O Negative. Life Is Killing Me is a song by Type O Negative, included in their sixth album Life Is Killing Me, released in 2003.

Type O Negative 2
Type O Negative

Doctors & Thieves, They Both Wear Masks Overpaying for Meat Magician Chorus Life Is Killing Me, Life Is Killing Me. Life Is Killing Me is an album by Type O Negative, released in 2003. The album contains a cover of Angry Inch by Hedwig and the Angry Inch, an Off-Broadway musical. The album was initially called The Dream Is Dead, after the name of the closing song. It was released on June 17, 2003, and was their last studio album released through the record label Roadrunner Records.

Billboard described the albums lyrical themes as being about infidelity, death, and depression. The albums title and content refers mostly to lead singer Peter Steeles unsatisfactory outlook on life and experiences of mental illness during the composition and production, with lyrics concerning relationship problems as well as his parents illnesses and deaths. Emerging from New Yorks hardcore scene of the late eighties, their first two albums had more in common with frontman Peter Steeles gleefully anti-PC hardcore crew Carnivore than the kind of goth-doom behemoth that O Negative would become after 1993s Bloody Kisses. Later records, including 1999s World Comes Down and 2003s Life Is Killing Me, produced several of Type O Negatives best tracks, and they were fan favorites for a while.

This October Rust track may be one of Type Os more impressive efforts, as lead singer Peter Steeles mostly repeated minor variations on only one line – I Think She is Falling Out Of Love – on October Rust.

I love this brief, and have always loved this song, but never could have imagined seeing this one on the top of Spotifys playlist. Obviously, a label is always going to choose a short, fast-melodic song as their number 1 single, so it was chosen. The first scene of the video is actually my moms home in Brooklyn.

Dan Fogler is a comic actor who does all of the parts and plays all the characters. I do not want to sit here and say the video built his career or anything, but I thought he was coming on strong right then.

Meet Type O Negative. He’S A Pretty Cool Dog.

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Type O Negative
Type O Negative

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